The following are just a few samples of the articles and editorials that have appeared recently regarding the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians and its business enterprises:


January 2012

A Rewarding Year of Giving

Santa Ynez Valley News, 01/05/12

City Risks Tribal Ties
Lompoc Record, 01/05/12

Solvang Chamber President Likes What he Sees
Santa Ynez Valley News, 01/10/12

Vince Neil and Crew Shake Up Chumash Casino Resort
Cal Coast News, 01/16/12

Johnny Mathis Returning to Chumash Casino Resort
Santa Ynez Valley News, 01/17/12

Prosperity Depends on Courage
Santa Ynez Valley News, 01/19/12

AAA Four Diamond Awards to Chumash Properties
Santa Barbara Independent, 01/22/12

Santa Ynez Hotels, Restaurants Earn AAA Four Diamond
Santa Maria Times, 01/25/12

ShoBox Bouts
Bad Left Hook, 01/25/12

New Leaders to Reinvent Solvang Chamber
Santa Ynez Valley News, 01/26/12


February 2012

Hearing Maria Solares

Santa Ynez Valley News, 02/02/12

Joan Rivers – Always in Motion
The Daily Sound, 02/09/12

Maria Solares’ Journey
Lompoc Record, 02/16/12

Liquor License Hearing Set
Lompoc Record, 02/21/12

Root 246 Showcasing Valley Wines
Santa Ynez Valley News, 02/23/12

Chumash Casino Wins Environmental Award
The Independent, 02/27/12

Solvang Discusses Chumash Grants
KCOY, 02/27/12


March 2012

Tribe Wants Homes on Chumash Land
Santa Ynez Valley News, 03/01/12

Solvang Delays Decision on Indian Gaming Funds

Santa Ynez Valley News, 03/01/12

Chumash Artists Show Distinctive Works

Lompoc Record, 03/02/12

Willie Nelson Keeping It All in the Family, 03/10/12

Portraits Show “We Are Still Here”
Santa Ynez Valley News, 03/15/12

Chumash Deserve an Accurate Historical Account

Santa Ynez Valley News, 03/22/12

Traditional Stories Take the Stage
Santa Ynez Valley News, 03/29/12

Santa Barbara Magazine’s Best of 2012


April 2012

Chumash Housing Plan Could Create Jobs
KCOY-TV, 04/10/12

Chairman Makes Case for Camp 4 Homes
Santa Ynez Valley News, 04/12/12

Tribe Cites Analysis of Benefits From Houses
Santa Ynez Valley News, 04/12/120

Tribe to Make Its Own Wine From Camp 4
Santa Ynez Valley News, 04/26/12

Haute Hotels
805 Living, April 2012

Q&A with Benise
Santa Barbara News-Press, 04/20/12

May 2012

Santa Maria Briefed on Economic Impacts of Camp 4
KCOY-TV, 05/01/12

Supervisor Farr Opposes Chumash Fee-to-Trust Proposal
Santa Maria Sun, 05/03/12

Chumash Give FCA All-Star Football Classic a Boost
Noozhawk, 05/18/12

Huffman Splits Top Prize in Central Coast Poker Championship, 05/20/12

Chumash Liquor License Hearing Postponed
Santa Barbara News-Press, 05/23/12

Chumash Develop Earth-Friendly Reservation
Santa Barbara Independent, 05/24/12

Help Cook Up Help for Seniors
Santa Ynez Valley News, 05/24/12

Congressman Declines to Introduce Bill on Chumash Proposal
Santa Maria Sun, 05/24/12

Chumash Grants $740K to County, City
Santa Maria Times, 05/26/12

Chumash Buy Solvang’s Hadsten House
KCOY-TV, 05/30/12

June 2012

Senate Bill Causes Uproar
Santa Maria Times, 06/01/12

Donations Save Fourth of July Fireworks Show
Santa Maria Times, 06/01/12

Camp 4 Housing Would Help Cities, County
Santa Ynez Valley News, 06/07/12

Chumash to Host CIBA Gathering
Noozhawk, 06/11/12

Revisiting CCR’s Classics at Chumash Casino
Noozhawk, 06/12/12

Fab Four Make Magic at Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara Daily Sound, 06/16/12

Education Leads to a Bright Future
Santa Ynez Valley News, 06/21/12

Basket Weavers Gather in Santa Ynez
Santa Maria Times, 06/24/12

Photo Gallery: CIBA Gathering in Santa Ynez
Santa Maria Times, 06/24/12

Senator Tables Fee-to-Trust Legislation
Santa Maria Sun, 06/27/12

Tribe Gets US Approval for 7-Acre Annexation
Santa Ynez Valley News, 06/28/12

Campground Blessed by Chumash
Santa Barbara News-Press, 06/29/12

Photo Gallery: Chumash Meadows Dedicated
Santa Maria Times, 06/29/12

July 2012

Fireworks Show Set for Wednesday
Lompoc Record, 07/03/12

Chumash Land Goes Federal
Santa Barbara Independent, 07/05/12

County Supervisors Consider Appealing Chumash Annexation
Santa Maria Sun, 07/05/12

Gathering Weaves Together History
Santa Ynez Valley News, 07/05/12

Happy Together Tour Brings Micky Dolenz to Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/06/12

Chumash Tribe Wins Land-Use Victory in SB County
Los Angeles Times, 07/10/12

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Urges Support on 6.9 Acres
The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, 07/10/12

County Won’t Appeal Chumash Annexation
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/11/12

Four California Tribes Are Leading the Native Way Into the Wine Business
Indian Country, 07/11/12

Chumash Charity Golf Classic to Benefit Westside Boys & Girls Club
Noozhawk, 07/12/12

Editorial: The Valley’s Prison Pathology
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/13/12

Ignorance Shows Need for Chumash Museum
Santa Ynez Valley News, 07/19/12

Chumash to Help Struggling Westside Boys & Girls Club
Santa Barbara Independent, 07/19/12

Opponents Appeal Chumash Land Annexation
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/19/12

Main Event Thrills; Serano Takes Title
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/21/12

Chumash Want Museum for Ancestral Artifacts
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/22/12

Commodores to Play Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 07/27/12

August 2012

Education is the Tribe’s Focus
Santa Ynez Valley News, 08/01/12

Chumash Resort Hotel to Close for Renovation
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/01/12

County’s Inaction on Land Annexation May Trigger Federal Bill
Wall Street Journal, 08/03/12

Editorial: Saving the Land From Families
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/03/12

Macy Gray Q&A Before Show at Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/03/12

Chumash Chairman Testifies in D.C.
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/04/12

Congress Hears Tribal Testimony
Santa Maria Times, 08/08/12

Study Says Tribal Casinos Boost California Economy
Ventura County Star, 08/09/12

Samala Showroom: Where the Big Names Play
Santa Maria Sun, 08/09/12

Los Tigres del Norte Returns to the Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/24/12

Blessing the Animals
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/26/12

Obituary: Manuel Armenta, Tribal Elder
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/26/12

Fine Kettles of Fish: The Willows Chef Wins Award
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/27/12

Concert Review: Wilson Phillips Not Far From the Trees
Santa Barbara News-Press 08/29/12

Gaming Group’s Study Measures Economic Impact
Santa Ynez Valley News, 08/30/12

Revitalized Lonestar to Play Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 08/31/12

September 2012

Chumash Keeping Tradition Alive with Annual Tomol Crossing
Noozhawk, 9/6/12

Library to Feature Samala Dancers
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/6/12

Renovations Under Way at Chumash Resort Hotel
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/6/12

Chumash to Embark on Tomol Crossing
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/7/12

Waters Turn Chumash Paddlers Back to Shore
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/9/12

Tribe’s Next Cultural Event Is Pow-Wow
Santa Ynez Valley News, 9/13/12

Westside Boys & Girls Club Gets $100K Chumash Donation
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/25/12

Chumash to Hold Annual Pow-Wow
Santa Barbara News-Press, 9/26/12

Tribe Wants Progress for Entire SY Valley
Santa Ynez Valley News, 9/27/12

October 2012

Grandma’s Famous Fry Bread is Top Secret at Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/5/12

Tribes Gather at Santa Ynez Pow-Wow
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/7/12

Photo Gallery – Chumash Pow-Wow at Live Oak Camp
Santa Maria Times, 10/7/12

Chumash Hotel Furniture Goes to Charities
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/8/12

Chumash Culture Days to Honor State’s Tribes
Santa Ynez Valley News, 10/11/12

Chumash Looking to acquire portion of Santa Susana Field Lab
Ventura County Star, 10/15/12

Chumash Language Goes to the Next Stage
Santa Ynez Valley News, 10/25/12

Motorsports Project Plan Gets Matching Grant From Chumash
Santa Maria Times, 10/23/12

November 2012

The Chumash Experience, Onstage
Santa Barbara Independent, 11/1/12

Chumash Foundation Honors the Work of Five Nonprofits
Noozhawk, 11/5/12

Chumash Foundation Honors Nonprofits
Santa Barbara News-Press, 11/6/12

Chumash Recognize Arts and More
Santa Maria Sun, 11/8/12

A Foundation for Giving Back
Santa Ynez Valley News, 11/8/12

Christmas With the Celts at Chum ash Casino to Raise Money for Toys for Tots
San Luis Obispo Tribune, 11/16/12

Editorial: In the Spirit of Giving
Santa Barbara News-Press, 11/22/12

Honoring Native Heritage – Past, Present and Future
Santa Ynez Valley News, 11/22/12

Honoring Their Culture and Heritage, Tribes Give Generously
Indian Country Today Media Network, 11/30/12

December 2012

Winter Solstice and Nature’s Connection
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/6/12

Moscow Ballet Brings ‘Swan Lake’ to the Chumash Casino
Santa Barbara News-Press, 12/14/12

The Celts are Coming for Christmas
Santa Barbara News-Press, 12/14/12

Santa Ynez Chumash Benefit Concert Raises $25,000 for Toys for Tots
Noozhawk, 12/18/12

Chumash Donate $25,000 to Toys for Tots
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/20/12

White House Hosts Tribal Governments
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/20/12

Racing Toward a Lompoc Motorsports Park
Santa Barbara Independent, 12/22/12

In Concert – A 2012 Year in Review
Santa Barbara News-Press, 12/28/12

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