The following are just a few samples of the articles and editorials that have appeared recently regarding the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians and its business enterprises:


December 2013

Chumash Donate $20k to Habitat for Humanity's Canon Perdido Affordable Homes Project
Noozhawk, 12/2/13

Winter solstice and ties to this land
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/5/13

Chumash Casino Resort's Benefit Concert Raises $25K for Toys For Tots
Noozhawk, 12/16/13

A year of progress for us all
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/19/13

Camp 4 fee-to-trust application is top story
Santa Ynez Valley News, 12/31/13

November 2013

The Willows -- Fine dining at its best, 11/4/13

New Chumash fire engine a resource for all
Santa Ynez Valley News, 11/7/13

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation Honors Efforts of Five Local Nonprofits
Noozhawk, 11/18/13

Striving ahead in Indian Country
Santa Ynez Valley News, 11/21/13

Chumash Donate $10k to Direct Relief for Philippines Typhoon Disaster
Noozhawk, 11/23/13

October 2013

Hundreds of Tribes Join Chumash Pow-Wow
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/6/13

Chumash Foundation Awards $12,500 Matching Grant to Lompoc Valley Motorsports Park Project
Noozhawk, 10/7/13

Trust Issues -- The Chumash vs Santa Barbara County Controversy Over Camp 4
Santa Maria Sun, 10/10/13

Honoring Our Native Way
Santa Ynez Valley News, 10/10/13

Eight Tribes That Are Way Ahead of the Climate
Indian Country Today, 10/15/13

Saying thanks to the Chumash
Lompoc Record, 10/17/13

Chumash iPad2 Donation Creates Mobile Computer Lab at Lompoc Elementary School
Noozhawk, 10/17/13

Unity Shoppe prepares to open
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/17/15

Tribes join Chumash in cultural display
Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/20/13

Chumash Charity Golf Classic raises money for 3 local nonprofits
Noozhawk, 10/22/13

Chumash Camp 4 Bill Introduced in Congress
Noozhawk, 10/24/13

September 2013

Chumash Setting Out Saturday for Tomol Crossing to Santa Cruz Island
Noozhawk, 9/6/13

Tribe hosting El Capitan cleanup
Santa Ynez Valley News, 9/10/13

A season to share heritage
Santa Ynez Valley News, 9/12/13

Chumash to host annual Pow-Wow
Santa Ynez Valley News, 9/12/13

The Santa Ynez Chumash Environmental Office Hosts Coastal Cleanup
Santa Barbara Independent, 9/17/13

Green energy is key at the Chumash Casino Resort
Santa Maria Sun, 9/17/13


August 2013

Inspiring Our Youth
Santa Ynez Valley News, 8/1/13

Chumash File Application to Annex Land
Santa Barbara News-Press, 8/11/13

A Sporting Way to Help Families
Santa Ynez Valley News, 8/15/13

Chumash Envy
Santa Barbara News-Press, 8/16/13

Chumash Land Tops Agenda for Supervisors
Santa Barbara News-Press, 8/18/13

County Should Work With Chumash
Pacific Coast Business Times, 8/19/13

Facts on Camp 4 Federal Trust Application
Santa Barbara Independent, 8/19/13

Chumash Plans Under Review
Santa Barbara News-Press, 8/22/13

Government-to-Government Talks Needed in SYV Debate
Pacific Coast Business Times, 8/23/13

Fumbling the Ball on Camp 4
Lompoc Record, 8/25/13

Fighting Native Americans Over Land Continues Unabated
Santa Barbara News-Press, 8/25/13

An Unfortunate Decision by SB County Government
Santa Ynez Valley News, 8/29/13

Clash Over Chumash Plan Kicks Off Legal Fight
Pacific Coast Business Times, 8/30/13


July 2013

Santa Ynez Chumash Donate $40,500 to Local Fireworks Displays
Noozhawk, 7/1/13

Indigenous Watercraft Festival in the Works
Santa Barbara Independent, 7/3/13

Remembering a Special Independence Day
Santa Ynez Valley News, 7/4/13

Battling a Tribal Epidemic
Santa Ynez Valley News, 7/18/13

Santa Ynez Chumash Hosting Free Native Diabetes Conference and Health Fair
Noozhawk, 7/24/13

Public Hearing on Tribal Status
Santa Barbara News-Press, 7/24/13

Tribes Plead for Changes in Federal Law
Santa Barbara News-Press, 7/26/13

Opposition to Chumash, Casino Continues to Divide Community
Noozhawk, 7/27/13

Skateboarder stops on Central Coast during five-state ride
Santa Maria Times, 7/27/13

Chumash to host free diabetes conference
Santa Ynez Valley, 7/30/13


June 2013

The Green Preen Reality Check
Santa Barbara News-Press, 6/2/13

Chumash Resort Hotel Redefines Itself
Santa Ynez Valley News, 6/4/13

Midland Teacher Pens Chumash Tome
Santa Barbara News-Press, 6/5/13

Past and Present Unite Cultural Present
Santa Ynez Valley News, 6/6/13

Gaming Hotels Make a Luxurious Comeback in the U.S.
Prevue Magazine, 6/7/13

Spiritual Leader Brings Experiences to Reservation, World
Santa Barbara News-Press, 6/9/13

Chumash Charity Golf Classic to Benefit Three Local Nonprofits
Noozhawk, 6/10/13

Tribes Take to the Vine
Wine Spectator Magazine, 6/11/13

$10K in Late Donations Save Lompoc Fireworks Show
Santa Barbara News-Press, 6/13/13

Our Valley Oak
Santa Maria Sun, 6/14/13

Writing a New Future
Santa Ynez Valley News, 6/20/13


May 2013

The Fight to Reclaim Ancestral Land
Santa Maria Times, 5/2/13

Chumash, Solar Installer Join Ranks in Guadalupe
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/2/13

Chumash Donate to Unity Shoppe
Santa Barbara News-Press, 5/3/13

Chumash Gaming Funds Distributed
Santa Maria Times, 5/12/13

Chumash Donate $150,000 for Search Dog Foundation Training Center
Noozhawk, 5/14/13

Chumash Gaming Funds Doled Out
Santa Barbara News-Press, 5/14/13

Clinic Expected to Serve Hundreds
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/14/13

‘Condor’s Shadow’ Showing at Tribal Hall
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/21/13

State Appointments are a Chance to Give Back
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/23/13

Chumash Launch Kita Wines at New Winery in Lompoc
Santa Maria Times, 5/26/13

Chumash Donate $15,000 to FCA All-Star Football Game
KSBY-TV, 5/27/13

Chumash Donate to Grad Night
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/30/13

Paul Gelles Holds Book Signing for ‘Chumash Renaissance’
Santa Ynez Valley News, 5/30/13


April 2013

The Chumash, a Credit to the Community
Santa Barbara News-Press, 4/4/13

History in the Making at Tribal Vineyard
Santa Ynez Valley News, 4/11/13

Pirates Appreciate Those Who Helped with Complex
Santa Ynez Valley News, 4/18/13

Boys and Girls Club Turns 75
Santa Barbara News-Press, 4/21/13

Chumash Elder Named to State Commission
Santa Barbara News-Press, 4/24/13

Pagaling Appointed to State Native American Commission
Santa Ynez Valley News, 4/25/13

Tribal Games, Inspiring Stories
Santa Ynez Valley News, 4/25/13

Unity Pushes Campaign to Pay for New Home
Santa Barbara News-Press, 4/28/13


March 2013

Gambling on Wine
Farm & Ranch Magazine, March 2013

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Re-Elects Incumbent Leadership Team
Reuters, 3/4/13

Chumash Re-Elect Armenta, Business Committee
Santa Barbara News-Press, 3/5/13

Construction Underway on Tribal Gas Station
Santa Ynez Valley News, 3/7/13

Tribal Chairman, Other Leaders Re-Elected
Santa Ynez Valley News, 3/7/13

American Indian Conference Coming to Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara News Press, 3/12/13

Building Connections to End Cultural Insensitivities
Santa Ynez Valley News, 3/13/13

Boys & Girls Club Announces Honorees
Santa Barbara Independent, 3/15/13

Board Voids Opponents’ Latest Appeals to Chumash Annexation
Noozhawk, 3/25/13

Appeal by Community Groups of Chumash Plan Dismissed
Santa Maria Times, 3/26/13

Change of Funds
Santa Maria Sun, 3/27/13

Chumash Fire Department Always on Call
Santa Ynez Valley News, 3/28/13

Appeal Denied for Chumash Expansion Foes
Santa Barbara News-Press, 3/28/13


February 2013

Expansion OK’d for Tribe’s Liquor License
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/5/13

Tribe’s Liquor License Expansion Includes 18 Conditions
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/5/13

Education Excellence at Home, Beyond
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/14/13

Hadsten House, Team Chumash Serve Dinner
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/14/13

Solvang Council to Consider Use of Indian Gaming Funds
Santa Barbara News-Press, 2/25/13

Solvang City Council to Apply for Gaming Grant of Over $700,000
Santa Barbara News-Press, 2/26/13

YMCA’s Mission Deserves Support
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/28/13

Opponents Promise Appeal of Chumash Liquor License
Santa Ynez Valley News, 2/28/13


January 2013

Chumash to Hold Meeting About Camp 4 Project
Santa Barbara News-Press, 1/12/13

Chumash Descendant Named to State Board of Education
Santa Barbara News-Press, 1/17/13

Care for Land a Long Tradition
Santa Ynez Valley News, 1/17/13

Santa Ynez Chumash Let Public Weigh in on Camp 4 Project
Noozhawk, 1/21/13

Heated Chumash Meeting About Camp 4 Ends Abruptly
Santa Barbara News-Press, 1/22/13

Chumash Meeting Ends Abruptly
Santa Ynez Valley News, 1/24/13

Details of Chumash Housing Property Outlined
Santa Barbara News-Press, 1/27/13

Santa Ynez Valley Hotels, Restaurants Earn Top Marks
Santa Ynez Valley News, 1/29/13

Tribe Has Rights, Not Entitlements
Santa Ynez Valley News, 1/31/13

ABC Allows Chumash Liquor Expansion
Santa Barbara News-Press, 1/31/13


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