Historically, Native Americans have been one of the poorest ethnic groups in the United States. The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians once lived with high unemployment rates, substandard housing and no running water on the reservation.

Since Native American gaming became a reality for our tribe, we have begun to realize our dream of economic self-sufficiency. The revenues we earn from our Chumash Casino Resort are used to support vital government programs for our tribal members. From improved health care to increased educational opportunities for our tribal members and descendents, the lives of our tribal members have been greatly enhanced.

Some of the many developments we have experienced as the result of Native American gaming include:

  • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Education Program
    The Chumash tribe has always placed a high value on education. As a result of this commitment, our Education Program is organized to provide a variety of educational opportunities for Chumash students.

    The tribe pays a portion of education expenses – including tuition, housing, transportation, books and supplies – for any tribal member or descendent who attends college or trade school. In addition, the tribe offers an annual allocation for members and descendents for adult education.
  • Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic
    The Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic is a private Native American-governed health care facility that serves the needs of Native Americans and the general public.

    Licensed professional medical personnel have provided excellent health care for the many residents of the Santa Ynez Valley since 1981. In late 2002, the tribe built a brand new Tribal Health Clinic that doubled the amount of space. The clinic’s clientele is now comprised of approximately 50% non-Native patients.

    Learn more about the Santa Ynez Tribal Health at http://www.sythc.com

In addition to enhancing the lives of our tribal members and descendents, our gaming revenues have also helped improve the lives of residents of Santa Barbara County.

    • Our Chumash Casino Resort is currently the major employer in Santa Ynez Valley, providing jobs for more than 1600 residents in Santa Barbara County. The jobs we provide help generate state and local taxes, while the casino promotes job growth and stability through the use of local vendors and businesses. Specifics include:

      • Chumash Casino Resort employs more than 1,600 employees
      • 2010: $46.9 million annual payroll
      • 2010: $4.7 million in payroll taxes
      • 2010: $8.0 million in benefits

    • The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians shares a commitment with our neighbors to building a stronger community. Since we began our tribal gaming operations, we have contributed more than $14 million to the community and helped enhance the lives of many residents in Santa Barbra County. A few of our contributions include:

      • $3 million to Santa Ynez Valley High School for improvements to its athletic field
      • $1.5 million to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department for a firefighter/paramedic position
      • $36,000 to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department for a search and rescue vehicle
      • $160,000 in high-tech forensic equipment for law enforcement agencies in Santa Barbara County
      • $5 million in road and infrastructure improvements to Highway 246 in Santa Ynez Valley
      • Millions of dollars to local schools and non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara County

As Native American casinos become more successful, tribes across the nation are branching out and investing their funds in a variety of different ventures. Why? Because it makes good economic sense.

With a constantly changing political landscape in California, tribes must continue to position themselves to be prepared for any changes in the future. The Chumash tribe is not alone in seeking ways to diversify our gaming revenue. In fact, throughout the nation, tribes are finding innovative ways to invest.

    GENERAL IMPACT 2006 2007 2008
    Payroll Taxes 3.9 million $4.3 million $4.7 million
    Total Labor Costs $52.5 million $57.4 million $56.3 million
    Special Distribution Fund $5.6 million $6.0 million $5.6 million
    Revenue Sharing
    Trust Fund
    $1.3 million $1.3 million $1.3 million




    The tribe donated more than $14 million to various organizations in the community.

    Total number of employees at the Chumash Casino Resort: 1700



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